Food menu
Great quality, fresh, local, organic food in Tenerife. The vegetables come from our garden or local farms and all meats are sourced from local butchers.
Christmas menu
09:00 – 11:00
Buffet Continental (per persona)
A continental buffet (per person)
12:00 – 15:00
Baguette de centeno con semillas servido a temperatura
Warm wholemeal bread with seeds
Selección de aceitunas variadas
Mixed olives
Chorizo típico picante al horno
Oven Baked spicy Chorizo (Thick spiced Spanish sausage)
Queso a la plancha servido con un toque de miel y pan tostado
Grilled Cheese wedge served with honey and toasted bread
Tosta de Jamón ibérico de Bellotta
Toast with Bellotta Iberian ham
Tostada de atún con aceitunas y anchoas
Toast with tuna, olives and anchovies
Tabla de quesos servida con pan y aceitunas
Selection of cheese, served with bread and olives
Guacamole acompañado por su pan
Guacamole served with bread
Garbanzos al estilo Marroqui acompañados de su pan
Moroccan Checkpeas served with dipping bread
Tabla de queso de 100grs acompañada de pan y marmelada
100g cheese of the day served with bread and marmelade
Tabla de jamón de Bellota y quesos variados (80grs jamon de Bellotta, 300grs de queso servido con aceitunas y pan)
Selection of Bellotta Ham and Cheese(80g Bellota with 300g of mixed cheese served with olives and bread)
Helado de Mango Casero de nuestra finca
Artisanal mango ice-cream from our garden
Postre del dia
Dessert of the day
Dinner managed by Steak 21
Kitchen opened from 19:00–22:00.
Bar opened until 23:00
Did you know? Steak 21 has more locations. One philosophy with several themes. Visit our Sea View restaurant for a serious michelin approach to dining with a 21st century twist and our Urban Kitchen offers a more relaxed envirmonet and is the home of the best burgers in Tenerife along with some spectacular craft beer. Check out:
Baguette de centeno con semillas servido a temperatura
Warm whole meal bread with seeds
Selección de aceitunas variadas
Mixed olives
Mojo Rojo
Mojo Verde
Carpaccio de Solomillo Black Angus, con queso curado, rucula y champiñones
Black Angus Sirloin Carpaccio with cured cheese, rucola and mushroom
Chorizo flambeado en brandy
Flaming chorizo infused in brandy
Tabla de quesos servido con aceitunas y pan
Selection of cheese served with bread and olives
Tabla de Jamón de Bellota servido con selección de aceitunas y pan
Selection of Bellotta Iberian Ham served with olives and bread
Tabla de Jamón Ibérico Bellota
Ensalada Casa Nova (tomate, pepino, cebolla, pimientos, atún, anchoas, aceitunas y cilantro)
La Casa Nova salad (tomatoes, cucumber, onions, peppers, tuna, anchovies, olives and coriander)
Guacamole acompañado por su pan
Guacamole with bread
Champiñones al ajillo con salsa de mantequilla
Garlic Mushrooms sautéed in butter sauce
Espárragos salteado con queso Manchego y sal marina
Sauteed Asparagus with Manchego cheese and sea salt
Main course
Codillo de Cerdo al horno acompañado de vegetales asados y papas salteadas con ajo
Baked pork knuckle served with grilled vegetables and garlic sauteed potatoes
Remolacha acompañada de nuestro puré de patatas,  y splash de guacamole y zanahoria
Spin painted beet (Beetroot served with mashed potatoes, splash of carrots puree and guacamole)
Garbanzos al estilo Marroqui acompañados de su pan
Moroccan chickpeas served with dipping bread
Arroz vegetarian
Wet vegetarian rice
Pimientos rellenos (V)
Oven baked stuffed  bell peppers (V)
Main course BBQ
Todos los platos se sirven acompañados con los especiales del chef.
Tiempo estimado de preparación 45min.La carne estará a temperatura ambiente antes de su cocción para un sabor optimo.
All dishes come with sides of the day to accompany.
Please allow 45 minutes preparation time. The meat must rise to room temperature before preparing for optimum taste.
About meat doneness (levels)
Medio pollo a la brasa
Half Flame Grilled Chicken
Entero pollo a la brasa
Full Flame Grilled Chicken
Secreto Ibérico Bellota
Secreto Ibérico Bellota
Filete de Aberdeen Angus
Aberdeen Angus Filet
Tomahawk Chuletón de res (price per 100g)
Tomahawk Steak (price per 100g)
Costillas de Cerdo Ibérico (6 Costillas)
Half Rack of Pork Ribs (6 Ribs)
Costillas de Cerdo Ibérico (12 Costillas)
Full Rack of Pork Ribs (12 Ribs)
Parrillada Mixta (Filete de res, Secreto Ibérico, pollo entero)
Mixed Char Grill (Filet Steak, Pork Secreto, Full Chicken)
Verduras a la brasa (pimientos, cebollas, mazorcas de maíz, berenjenas y las verduras fresca del dia)
Grilled vegetables (peppers, onions, corn, aubergine and fresh veggies of the day)
Pulpo preparado a la barbacoa en su cama de puré de patatas naturales
Flame Grilled Octopus served on a bed of mashed potatoes
Tarta bombon elegante
Deep chocolate cake
Helado de lemon
Lemon Ice Cream
Helado de mango casero de nuestra finca
Artisanal mango ice-cream from our garden
Ensalada de fruta en su jugo preparada con las frutas de temporada
Large Bowl of mixed fruits diced in fruit juice
Postre del día
Dessert of the day
Disponemos de plastos sin gluten.
Si tiene algún tipo de alergia o intolerancia por favor comuníquenoslo así poder ofrecerle las mejores opciones de nuestro chef. Disponemos de los mejores vinos de la tierra con lo que poder maridar sus tapas y platos.
We have gluten free options.
Pair your tapas with local wine. Ask your server for a taste. If you have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity, please speak to your server or chef about ingredients in our dishes before you order your meal.
Delicious food

Eat healthy

At La Casa Nova we believe is serving great quality, fresh, local, organic produce. We have a specials boards that that changes everyday.

You’ll not find anything from a supermarket. All our ingredients are locally sourced and the freshest they possibly can be.

Enjoy a traditional setting in a rustic environment with a team specialised in serving local vineyard offerings, beers and coffee all day.


Lunches include a selected of local Spanish breads along with meats, cheeses and vegetables. We also prepare pasta and rice dishes each day.


Breakfast includes freshly baked pastries, unlimited coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Evening Meals

Evening meals are freshly prepared and displayed on our specials board daily.  


Our bar is open from 09:00 - 23:00 where excellent local wine, cocktails, coffee and beer are served all day. Just press the buzzer at your sun lounger and a waiter will bring your drinks straight to you.

We are modest, discreet, great quality and true to ourselves. La Casa Nova is an honest establishment focusing on getting the best things right without any fuss.